By Joseph Fatch

Chapopoma farmer Field school situated in Wadokosa village, T/A Kabunduli, in Nkhatabay has transformed livelihoods of many families. The school started in 2018 and has a total membership of 28 where 4 are males while 24 are females. From the time the school started, a lot of studies have been completed. These studies include the pest management in many crops such as Bananas, variety comparison in Maize, and soil fertility management in vegetables.

After the farmers tried and proved the technologies learnt, they thought of scaling up to other ventures. The group found capital from selling its crops and through group savings and loans. In 2020 the group made K150,000 from selling sweet potatoes and K100,000 from selling maize. This income made them to look up to other group ventures and they agreed on exploring fish farming.

“We thought that it was still relevant for us to stay together as a group even after studies were completed. The money we got from selling crops was used to get materials for constructing a fishpond which we constructed using our own hands. Looking at the nature of the land and the availability of resources we knew that this type of farming would work out. We started with 46 fish which were obtained from another pond within the locality. The type of fish which we have in the pond is Shiranus,” says Christina Kaira- Member.

“We expect to harvest 2000 fish in the pond. Part of the group contribution is used to buy feed for the fish and it is the responsibility of every member to feed the fish and we have a duty roster which everyone complies to. We also invest in opening additional ponds. We want to be millionaires in a few years.” Kaira concludes.