Ted Msokwa ,48, married and with 8 children has been farming for many years. He has been growing maize, soybeans and groundnuts. He always admired his friends who had a motorcycle but he was not able to produce enough so that he could raise income to buy the assets he wanted.

“When KULIMA BETTER came I learnt about how to develop a household vision with my family. So we sat down as a family and wrote down what we wanted to a chieve in three years’ time: a plough, oxcart, and a motorcycle. Although I have not yet got these assets, I am confident that by 2025 I will buy a motorcycle”

“As a community-based facilitator I have learnt a lot on improved technologies which have led to harvesting double the amount I used to on the same land I was cultivating. Last farming season I got 32 bags of 50Kgs and sold part of it and bought 2 goats amounting to MK32,000,” said Mr Msokwa.

Msokwa is a community-based facilitator for Twinong’one Farmer Field School (FFS) in Mwamkumbwa EPA T/A Mwabulambya in Chitipa district. The group has 13 members (9 females, and 4 males) and was established in 2019. Twinong’one Farmer Field School is currently doing a study on the effects of soil nutrient management on crop growth.

In 2020 the group grew some vegetables which were provided by the project and realised MK27,000 which they used to purchase 1 piglet at MK15,000. They started doing a livestock pass on initiative and their target is that every member should have a pig. Currently the group has managed to pass on 6 pigs to 6 members while 1 pig was sold at MK40,000 in 2021 and used the cash to purchase soya beans seed which was cultivated on 0.4 ha. Apart from that, they also planted groundnuts on a 0.4 ha as an Income Generating Activity for the group.

The group has plans to share the seeds to members so that they can also grow at household level. The remainder will be sold by the group while some will be kept for planting in the next season on a larger scale for income generation.

“Our aim is to excel as a group as well as a household that is why we work hard and share knowledge for prosperity in all aspects of life. We will not be the same in a few years to come” said Mr Msokwa, the group leader.