“Support to Parliament and Media to Strengthen Governance in the Agriculture Sector (SPMSGAg)”

The aim of this intervention is better inform and consult the wider public on key issues in agriculture and related issues on the one hand, and to strengthen the accountability role of the Malawian Parliament on agriculture and related issues on the other hand. Activities under this intervention are to bring about the following results:

Result One

Journalists from different media channels are capacitated to report and analyse agriculture and related sector issues

Result Two

Media coverage on agriculture and related issues are effectively promoted through different media

Result Three

The voice of rural masses and participation in agriculture, nutrition and environment governance is effectively stimulated through community radios and radio listening clubs

Result Four

Opinion makers on agricultural and agriculture-related policy issues in Malawi and Sub-Saharan Africa are effectively sensitized

Result Five

The capacity of the Parliament to appraise agriculture budgets, track related public expenditures and critically assess agriculture, food security and nutrition related policies, Bills and Acts is strengthened.

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